Me in March: I'm going to learn piano, French, and yoga!

Me in November: *has seen every episode of Outlander seven times; couch is permanently dented from literally carrying the weight of this family* 


I wrote this song over two years ago, when my now-husband and I were living in a small apartment that didn't get much sunlight, I was working three jobs trying to get on top of some credit card debt, this album was just a seedling of an idea, and my daughter didn't exist yet. I wrote the opening chords while I was helping some of my students get packed up after a long music lesson. I knew I was about to go home and start drinking, or watching TV, or texting my best friend about our mutual hatred of certain people, or some other vice that would numb my brain and require very little of me. to my credit, I had some level of awareness that I needed to come up with better ways to cope with my life, and hence: this song was born. 


I think I've gotten a lot better at being Good. You know, it's a two steps forward, one step back thing. Quarantine has simultaneously forced me to come up with better life skills and habits, while also teaching me self-forgiveness for when I royally fuck up and start drinking mimosas and scrolling fandom Tumblr at 11 am on a Wednesday. I mean, I think I currently have a load of laundry mouldering in the machine downstairs, and I could choose to berate myself over that -- but I think sometimes being Real Good means forgiving yourself when you simply aren't. 


Okay my baby is eating a puzzle piece and I have to try to show up to work on time. Thanks for reading -- can't wait to share this single with you!